NonProfit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations


For a quarter century, we have helped nonprofit organizations grapple with and conquer board of director’s dynamics; funding explosions and collapses; employment practice eddies; survival threatening front pages and the mercurial challenges of actually accomplishing the Mission.

We serve a number of client sectors but nonprofit organizations are our passion. We share a visceral appreciation of our client’s mission and value the partnership born of budget necessity and compatible cultures.

We work with a range of clients from those drawing up their first set of by-laws to international nonprofits guiding daily program actions according to the latest threat reports. We understand that insurance and risk management should conform to the mission and program and not vice versa. We also understand the direct impact of effective program safety (and loss control) on insurance and budget cost.

As (Trusted Choice) independent insurance agents we align our nonprofit clients with insurance companies that singularly serve nonprofits or they have a division dedicated to nonprofits. We believe that the unique needs and service demands of nonprofit organizations demand uniquely committed insurance company partners and service specialist.

Our goal is to become your strategic partner.