Housing Developers

Housing Developers


Housing developers (for profit or nonprofit) have the unique ability to impact a community with a single project. But the life of a development from concept to completion can be a roller coaster of critical deadlines and deadly delays. We are aware of our indispensable role in the successful cycle of a project.

We assist with budget projections for each project phase. We review (and negotiate) lender and tax credit syndicate insurance requirements. We literally work with our developers from the first concept and community meeting to occupancy and rent up.

We have an appreciation of the for profit developer’s ‘per unit cost’ project view while being able to review and insure the unique relationships related to supportive housing. We were one of the first firms to aggregate owner and developer multiple sites into single (consolidated) insurance programs—gaining economies of scale and premium negotiation leverage.

Insurance availability and pricing stability are critical components to a successful insurance risk management program. We align our clients with insurance carriers with an exhibited commitment to housing developers. We measure commitment in decades not years.


Our goal is to become your strategic partner.