Large Construction

Large Construction Projects


We have collaborated with national and international insurance brokers to provide risk management and insurance on many intriguing projects (construction cost):

  • World’s Largest Public Library ($127,800,000)

  • Retractable Roof Sports Stadium ($400,000,000) 

  • Convention Center Built in Downtown Area ($171,000,000)

  • Privately Funded Hospital ($580,000,000)

These co-brokered construction projects were insured utilizing an Owner (Contractor) Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP). This large project insurance program provides consolidated (more effective) loss control; coverage continuity and dividends related to economies of scale and reduced project claims.

In addition to brokerage services, we have entered into a strategic partnership with Wrap Up Solutions, Inc. to provide OCIP administration and proprietary software solutions.

Our goal is to become your strategic partner.